3DS Emulator – A Perfect Guide

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is a software application which has the ability to emulate Nintendo 3ds games in PC i.e in windows operating system and 3ds emulator iOS is not yet implemented. The 3ds emulator would need 3ds emulator bios to function properly and it is the only emulator among the nintendo family which took so long to be developed. If you still in dilemma that if there is a real 3ds emulator then go ahead to 3ds emulator download section here.

Nintendo 3ds Games

You can play almost all of the nintendo 3ds games in a PC using our nintendo 3ds emulator software. Though you might need the ROM files of particular games you wanted to play which can be downloaded form other ROM websites. If you search the internet for nintendo 3ds games ROM’s you would definitely find almost all the ROM’s which can be used to play the 3ds games in 3ds emulator. Your device might need minimum requirements to emulate the 3ds games using the emulator which are specified in the system requirements section of our website.

Updated Version:

Version 2.1 of the 3ds emulator is released, you can find the download in the download section. This is our third update in 2014 for the nintendo 3ds emulator project.

The only working 3DS Emulator for Windows, and is the first public release of the application after the project started back in 2012 created by Team. The emulator need to be installed, just download the file and extract it then install and use file option in the emulator open the game that you want to play and adjust the screen resolution according to your PC and boom enjoy playing Nintendo 3ds games.

After opening the emulator, you can add whatever games you want to play and don’t forget to adjust the resolution. By adding the game in to the emulator automatically configures everything for you. To run the software you need original BIOS files of Nintendo 3DS, due to copyright action we couldn’t add them.

The software wont run successfully if it wont find original BIOS files.Keep subscribed to our website for future updates. We are working on to increase the stability of the software so that it wont hang in the middle!