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Food Saver Vacuum Sealers

The Food Saver Vacuum Sealer remains the most popular home vacuum sealer. Most who own this vacuum sealer have not been disappointed with it because it works with all sizes of Food Saver bags.

The most popular among these vacuum sealers is the Advanced Design V2860 which is almost a staple in everyone’s kitchen. There is however a latest Advanced Design model which is new in the market which functions with one touch and has hands free control features.

Food Saver Vacuum Sealers – A Short Guide

Owning a Foodsaver Vacuum sealer is an investment. You get to preserve all kinds of food anytime you want in your own home. Most of these vaccum sealers works to seal all types of Foodsaver pre sized bags or you can even create your own bag by choosing the different kinds of roll bags to seal. This vacuum sealer also includes optional accessories for cannisters and jars. Thogh some claim that the Foodsaver Vacuum SEaler may be pricey, it really isn’t that expensive.

Price Grabber sells Food Saver Vacuum sealer model T000-08–1 or the basic foodsaver kit with Smat Seal Technology for only a bit more than a hundred dollars. This type of vacuum sealer is functional in any regular home kitchen but of course, if you happen to be a hunter, you can’t seal your game or fowl using this type of vacuum sealer. It is great however for preserving food leftovers, grocery meats, veggies and other types of food that a family wishes to preserve for about two weeks. If you’re storing for a longer period like the winter, you can vacuum seal the food, fruits or veggies and freeze them to make them last a year.

The Food saver Game saver Pro costs only about 189 dollars which is not too pricey because it is huge and it’s useful to hunters and those who want huge sizes of meat and fowl preserved. This model is perfect for those who want their meat (including fish) preserved and unspoiled for a longer period of time — like a year for fish and two years for certain meats. Perfect for freezing for a long period of time, this model is has an extra wide sealing strip and touch pad control.

It also comes with a press-and-release operation and a three level sealing time adjustment switch if you want to adjust whatever you’re packing and sealing. It also has a built-in safety bag cutter and other accessories including a hose to use with Food saver Canisters. This model also comes with a 10 foot roll of 8 inches bag, one 10 foot roll 0f 11 inches bag and five one gallon bags. For those with huge families or are in the meat or restaurant business, the Food saver Game saver Pro is the best model suited for you.


There are several models of food vacuum sealers available in stores like Walmart and K-mart but there are great online bargains that give you substantial discounts and the one year guarantee. Some even offer free shipping depending on the online store and the model that you’re purchasing. The Food saver Vacuum Sealer, no matter what model, does save you a lot of money and is almost a necessity these days when any emergency situation can happen when you least expect it. It is always good to have REAL food available no matter the season.